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Version complète : Vol sur Theran
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Hi Friends, Theran-great Scene!Thank You for that. Here an Suggestion for 214km Flight (Flighttime easy 1.30h, 160km/h), with Thermals, some Wave and a bit of Ridge, from "Sepehr Airpt" over "Zirab" to "Semnan". Ride the Duo-Discus (with companion), so its more Fun Cool_1
Enjoy life and soaring
regards Bernie
Hi my friend Bernie,
thank you for your FPL well suited for "Décaféiné" flights at 20h30.
I'll schedule it soon...
Hi Jean,
fine, thank you, see you on air (anywhere)
regards bernie
Hi my friend Bernie.
Your FPL on Tehran is scheduled on Wednesday, April 25th on Décaféiné server at 20h30 (18h30 UTC).
Thank you for the flight